You May Need Electrical Repair Without Knowing

13 September 2017
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The electrical wires in your home work with little input from you; you may forget them entirely. However, if something is going on with those wires inside your walls, there could be a potentially dangerous situation. Fires may result and leave your home in varying states of disrepair, to say nothing of the injuries that could happen in some cases. Electrical repair is important to avoid such scenarios are important if the following applies to your property:

Electrical Changes Were Made

If the seller of your home boasted about the ceiling fan they installed or the lighting they added to the basement, that may have made you more interested in buying the place. However, it's important to investigate the work that was done to ensure that a permit was granted and that the work was done well. Some people don't seek permits even though they are required to in many localities. A call to the application office should shed light on whether that was done for the work you've heard about; in fact, they should be able to give you some history about work that was completed on the property since it was built. If no permit exists, only an electrician can inform you about the quality and safety of completed wiring. Should they find anything unsafe, they can fix it.

If the seller didn't mention electrical work and you have no further information about any check-ups or work, asking the permits office is an option but may not provide the entire picture you need to feel secure. Contact an electrician.

The House is Very Old

The older the structures on your property, the more you can assume that it's been a while since the electrical work has been investigated, especially if the wiring hasn't ever been touched. You might imagine this makes you less likely to encounter electrical problems, but remember that electrical codes and requirements have been updated over the years. It's possible that the home no longer meets the requirements laid out in the electrical code for your town. To be safe, get an electrician who works in the area to look over the system.

For instance, for a few decades in the 20th century, aluminum wiring was common in many homes. That metal is inferior to copper and if that's what you have, you might have a few loose connections which is risky.  A thorough inspection will tell you.

Without your attention, these issues may remain unknown until something terrible occurs. Take action now and work with a pro who can advise you regarding what electrical repairs your particular building could require.