5 Practical Ways To Use LED Lighting Strips In Your Home

14 September 2017
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LED lighting is more than just something you use for signage or displays. There are actually some practical ways to use LED lighting which will also enhance the appearance of your home. One popular way to enhance your home with LED lighting is to use strips or tape. These strips come in varying sizes, colors and flexibility, so they're easy to use where conventional lighting won't work. Here are five practical and beautifying ways to use LED lighting strips or tape in your home.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

One popular and practical use of LED lighting strips is under and around your kitchen cabinets. You can place thin, flexible strips in locations where conventional lighting won't fit. Make sure that only waterproof or sealed strips are used around areas that tend to get wet.

Light Up Your Stairs

Lighting up your stairs is great for safety, plus it also enhances its appearance. There are a variety of ways to light up your steps depending on the type of stairway you have. You can drape flexible LED strips over the stairs at one side near the wall, for example. You can also put a strip either on the underside or just in front of each step.

Bathroom Mirror Lighting

If you have a standard mirror, then you might find that placing LED lighting around it will give you better lighting for your morning grooming. Many types of LED lighting come in different styles, and some are dimmable depending on your needs.

Highlight Special Items

Use LED strip lighting to highlight your artwork, sculpture or other special items. Choose from different colors and brightness so that it doesn't overwhelm your artwork. Depending on where your artwork is located, you can either light it from above or behind for maximum effect. In some cases, lighting up the base of a sculpture may also enhance its appearance.

Use it Outdoors

LED lighting is not just limited to inside your home, your outdoor living areas can benefit as well. Lighting can highlight your landscape, pool or patio features. It not only make things look nice, but it is good for safety. Make sure anything you put outdoors is weatherproof.

Though many of these projects seem simple and some can be installed by someone with a basic electrical knowledge, it's better if an LED lighting contractor installs them. For one, professionals have experience and knowledge about power loads, grounding, soldering, switches, circuit breakers and types of connectors. They can install them so they look flawless without wires hanging out. It's also safer having a professional to design and install it for you, especially if you're planning on installing a lot of these lights.