Front Porch Areas & Teens: Four Advantages In Installing Electric Heat For Your Everyday Needs

21 September 2017
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Owning a front porch comes with many advantages, especially as the autumn and holiday reason rolls around. As colder weather creeps in, it can be harder to enjoy the porch unless you're bundled up in clothes and blankets. If you have teenagers in your home, then the front porch is a great place to use on a daily basis. One option for increasing the use of the porch area is to have electric heat installed. Electric floor heat can provide the warmth and comfort needed to make the porch area feel as comfortable as possible. For teens, there are numerous advantages that will make it one of their favorite hangout places. See the uses and how some extra heat can go a long way in these areas.

Study Area

The fall and winter months are important times for high school work. Along with regular assignments, students are also preparing for things like SATs. A front porch area offers a great way to relax and study. Whether it's on a comfortable chair or a porch swing, the fresh air from the outdoors can help foster a positive environment that allows a teen to focus and study. During the fall, the sun goes down sooner, allowing cold weather to seep in faster. When this is the case, electric heat can provide extra warmth on the porch. This will make it a lot more comfortable to study, read, and get work down. A front porch area should also still give teens access to Wi-Fi connections so it's easy to connect multiple devices. The electric heat will prevent the devices from getting too cold and draining battery power.

Morning Bus Routes

Early high school times means that kids sometimes have to arrive at their bus stop at 6:00 am or even earlier in the morning. When this is the case, it can be extremely cold while waiting for the bus to arrive. To help start your teens off as comfortable as possible, a little porch heat can supply them with comfort each and every morning. This is especially helpful during days where there's snow, ice, or frost around your area. Your teenager will only be exposed to the cold from the time they leave the porch and step onto the bus rather than the whole time waiting outdoors.

Holiday Celebrations

As your children get older, their holiday traditions change. For example, on Halloween, a teen may decide to hand out candy with friends rather than go trick or treating. Handing out candy on a porch can be made a lot better with the addition of heat. Halloween nights can be cold and brisk. Instead of constantly opening the front door and letting air in, a teen can spend the time on the front porch handing out the candy and still staying warm. It's a great way to start a new family tradition together. When winter holidays like Christmas comes along, the weather may be even colder, but the porch is a great place to hang up decorations and celebrate a number of holiday traditions. This includes drinking hot chocolate, playing Christmas music, and wrapping presents. It is nice to sit on the heated porch and see any type of winter snow falling around.

Everyday Hangouts

Instead of having groups of teens parading through your house, a front porch is a great place for these teens to hang out. A heated porch is a great place to serve snacks, set up speakers for music, and place a lot of chairs. The heat can make it as comfortable as possible while providing plenty of room for all your child's friends to come and relax.

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