Electrical Repair: You Might Need It

22 September 2017
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Electrical fires may not be worrisome to you most of the time. However, your home could require upgrades, adjustments and general repair in ways you may not yet recognize. If the below statements apply to your property, it's smart to call in an experienced expert:

You Have a 20th Century House

There's no shame in having a house that wasn't built in the last few decades. However, older houses do need to be inspected and monitored for all kinds of problems. Electricity in your house may have been installed during a time when aluminum wires were trendy, for instance; that might mean you've got to have rewiring done because aluminum overheats faster than copper.

Your house's electrical system or subsequent updates could have been put in without any permits. You can do some investigation, but if that's the case you probably need a safer system installed that complies with current requirements. Lastly, an old house wasn't built with tablets, cell phones, central heating and cooling and multiple video game systems in mind. You could be overloading your electrical circuits regularly and desperately need a professional to set you up with new outlets and other electrical solutions.

You Recognize That Minor Problems Exist

You might feel a touch silly to bring in an electrician to handle outlets that a plug doesn't seem to be able to stay in. You may not feel a need to contact a pro for a buzzing light bulb; after all, it's probably the bulb, right?

However, these are perfect occasions to get help. Loose outlet connections at times raise risk for fires because of improper heat exchange, and buzzing bulb fixtures or outlets could mean loose wires in need of fixing.

You Recently Had a Pest Infestation 

If you've heard animals running inside your walls or attic, that's a specific problem that needs pest control assistance. However, once the animals are gone, you still need another professional's help. An electrician should come by and assess the integrity of the many wires of your system. That's because mice and some of the other small pests, such as squirrels, make a habit of gnawing or clawing at the wires. Without attention, frayed, or damaged wires might spark a flame and result in a fire.

Feel confident that electrical repair contractors can share relevant information with you so you can make smart electrical decisions for your house and property. Work with them to make any necessary changes so your house can remain safe. 

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