Want To Outfit Your Kitchen With New Appliances? Get An Electrical Inspection First

26 September 2017
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After living in your first apartment, you may be used to having a kitchen with just the basics. It may have made it possible to look positively at homes for sale with simple kitchens. Living with standard features in your own kitchen is doable, but you may be ready to make a change.

If you are determined to add new appliances, you do not need to hire a kitchen remodeling company. It is a viable option to hire an electrician for an electrical inspection beforehand.

Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is not something that you will see that often. Only when you look down the sink or when you open the cabinet beneath the sink will you see the device at all. But, it will become a regularly used feature in your kitchen because of its ability to break down food.

An electrician can help by making sure you have enough power in the kitchen. This appliance can use upwards of 1,500 watts of power when it is turned on, which may not be for a long time. But, when you are also using other new appliances at the same time, you can run into issues.

Double Oven

Another addition that will increase the overall power usage in the kitchen is dual ovens. A single oven may be sufficient for most meals, but a double oven gives you so much flexibility. This may make it worth the addition even if it takes up some cabinet space. Even if you upgrade to a more energy efficient option, the second oven will likely lead to an increase in power consumption.


While a dishwasher will use a lot of water to clean the dishes, it also uses electricity. The electrical usage comes from heating the water up so that it can thoroughly clean and disinfect the dishes. An electrician can help you with choosing a location. Also, after adding a circuit breaker or determining that you are ready to install the appliance, they can even help with setting it up.

It may be possible to avoid adding extra power to the electrical system when you are selective with the appliances that you buy. For instance, you may be able to find models of garbage disposals, double ovens, and dishwashers that use less energy compared to most models.

Hiring an electrician is a decision that you will not regret when you want to upgrade your kitchen with several new appliances.