Factors Affecting Your Pool's Wiring Cost

2 October 2017
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Are you budgeting for your swimming pool's wiring? Electricity increases the efficiency and functionality of a swimming pool tremendously, but the cost can be prohibitive depending on your final objective. Here are some of the factors that will affect your swimming pool wiring:

Whether Your Basement Is Finished

In most cases, the power needed in your swimming pooling will pass through the basement. This means the state of your basement will determine how difficult or easy the work is. Specifically, if the basement is finished, say with a concrete slab foundation, it will not be possible for the electrical contractor to run the wiring through the basement. Running the wire from the panel to the pool while avoiding the basement will definitely cost more money than passing it through the basement.

The Current Load on the Electrical Panel

The current situation in your main electrical panel or basement electrical panel also affects the cost of your pool wiring. If the panel is fully loaded, then you will need to upgrade it or replace it so that it can serve your pool. The upgrade or replacement means extra wiring costs. As a side note, if a replacement is necessary, it's best to install the new panel near the pool rather than installing it in the house and running the wires to the pool.

The Location of the Filter System

The pool filter system doesn't have to be installed near the pool; it can be installed near the house. In fact, installing it near the house has an added advantage in that it saves you the cost of running the wires from the house to the pool (assuming the electrical panel is near the house). Therefore, choose the location of the filter system knowing that it will affect the cost of the wiring.

The Nature Lighting and Accessories Needed

The electrical power needed by the pool inst just for running the filtration system, you also need the power for lighting up your pool and powering additional pool accessories. Therefore, the type and number of the accessories you want determine the type of wiring necessary, and hence the cost. Therefore, expect the price to go up if you want powerful and fancy lights as well as numerous accessories such as stereos and automatic covers.

Ideally, you should plan the wiring with an electrician before starting any installation or buying any supplies. The electrician will help you optimize the wiring for maximum efficiency and security at a reasonable cost. Contact a company like Williams Electric Supply for more information.