What You Need To Do About A Home's Electricity Before Buying

6 October 2017
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When you are looking at homes with the intention of buying, the focus is on selecting the perfect investment for the future. Finding the right home to meet your needs is essential, but so is finding a home that is safe. This is where understanding a little bit about electrical safety is pertinent. The decision you make to buy a house could very well impact your family's future.

These tips will help you understand what you need to know before you make the decision to buy a home when it comes to electrical wiring. What steps do you need to take before deciding the house is yours?

Hire a Home Inspector

Many buyers overlook the step of hiring an independent inspector who understands the ins and outs of electrical wiring. It's difficult enough to go through the home buying process, but to go through it blindly is even harder. An inspector knows how to recognize dangerous wiring.

It is important that you book your own inspection. The inspector hired by the buyer may be influenced to help the sale go through rather than to detail everything wrong with the home's electrical wiring. An inspector should assess the control gear, switchgear, outlets, switches, and signs of deterioration. A lot has changed in electrical work in the last 10 to 30 years, and inspectors understand which new standards you need to make your home safe and efficient.

Look for Signs of Damage or Deterioration

Some problems are easy to spot without being a home inspector. If the electrical wiring in your old home has never been changed, you might instinctively know that the job is going to be expensive to rewire the home.

You may notice that your wiring is overloaded or that there are obvious fire hazards. You can either use this information to get a better deal on your house or to ensure that the electrical work is completed before you even move in.

Ask About Previous Inspections

In order for electrical work to be deemed safe, regular inspections are necessary. Ask the seller or real estate agent if regular inspections have occurred in the last 5-10 years. If this has not happened, you know that you are contending with a house that may have deeply rooted maintenance issues.

Your next step is to hire an electrical expert to provide you with information about the home you plan to buy. What steps can you take to improve it? What steps can you take to rewire it?

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