4 Tips To Choose The Best Lighting Improvements To Save Energy In Your Business

20 November 2017
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If you want to cut out the energy loss in your business, lighting upgrades are an affordable improvement. You may even want to consider updating the lighting in phases to make these upgrades fit into your budget. Solutions like programmable lighting and other automation are a great way to improve the efficiency of household lighting. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best commercial lighting repair and improvements to save energy:

1. Installing Programmable Controls for Outdoor Lighting to Save Energy

Programmable controls for your outdoor lighting are a great way to save energy. For business hours, program lighting that you need and have it turn off during hours when your business is closed. Using programmable controls will help to ensure that lights come on at the right time, and are turned off to save energy when lighting is not needed.

2. Installing Motion Sensors and Timers to Prevent Lights from Being Left On

Motion sensors are a great solution for many aspects of your business, such as for security in dark areas at night. You can also use motion sensors for places like storage areas and bathrooms, which are areas where lights are often left on and energy gets wasted. Have motion sensor controls in all the areas of your business where the lighting is not essential to business hours of operation. Timers in these areas are a great solution to make sure that the lights are never left on and minimize energy waste.

3. Using Strip Lighting and Other LED Solutions to Reduce Energy Consumption

Modern LED strip lighting is another great solution to consider for the lighting of your business. You can use the tape-style lighting for back-lighting in trim and design features. The strip lighting will consume less energy than conventional lighting solutions and help add to the interior design of your business.

4. Reduce Reliance on Electricity with The Installation of Solar Lighting Solutions

Solar energy is another great solution for the lighting design of your business. One area where you can easily add solar energy is to your commercial landscaping design. In addition to the landscaping, consider rooftop solar arrays that can power a portion of your lighting during regular business hours and help reduce energy consumption.

These are some tips that will help you save energy with the right lighting upgrades for your business. If you are ready to reduce your energy expenses, contact a lighting service for help with upgrades and modern, energy-efficient lighting designs.