Do Your New Efficient Light Bulbs Make Your Lights Flicker? What To Know

6 March 2018
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If you have been having issues with your overhead lights flickering because you have switched to new LED or energy efficient light bulbs, you want to call a residential electrician. There are some concerns and solutions that you want to explore with the home electrical expert, to see if you can get a solution to the problem while making sure that your property is still safe at the same time. Here are some of the things to talk about when getting an estimate, and when exploring the options in front of you.

Updating the Wiring

Some of the wiring may need to be updated, so it doesn't trip the breaker box. Talk with the home electrical expert to see if any wires are dangerous or a fire hazard throughout the home, or that need immediate replacement. Just replacing the wiring where you are having the issues is a temporary fix for that area, but you may need full replacement later on.

Replacing the Light Fixtures

It's possible that the light fixtures aren't designed to support the energy efficient bulbs, and this is causing the lights to fixture. Unfortunately, the only way to stop this from happening may be to go back to the old bulbs or to replace and update the lighting fixtures throughout the house.

You can buy builder packages if you want to save money, which includes several light fixtures for a bulk price. For areas you use the most or that have detailed lighting features, you may want to pick out something more specific.

Breaker Box Flaws

The problem could be that the breaker box can't handle all of the electronic devices and lights in the house that needs power at the same time. When the power is running low, it causes the lights to flicker or dim. The electrician may suggest replacing the breaker box, or possibly to add another unit to the property.

The new energy efficient light bulbs that are supposed to last longer and consume less energy are great, but the current electrical features in your home may not be designed to work with them. If you want to upgrade your home so it can be more energy efficient and so you can purchase these long-lasting bulbs, this will be a great investment for your home overall. Have the residential electrician do a safety inspection on the wiring in the home while they are there.

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