3 Things A Commercial Electrician Can Do For Your Business

26 March 2018
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If you are in the process of setting up a new office, you should consider bringing in a commercial electrician to take care of some things around the office. Here are three things they can do for you.

1. Install Surge Protection

Does your business use a lot of computers for its daily operations? If so, you want to take some steps to ensure that the computer do not become damaged. One even that can easily cause more harm than you anticipate is an unexpected power surge. If you do not have protection, a power surge could render the computers in your office useless, which will not only set you back the money to replace them, but waste time that your employees could be working.

Have a electrician prevent this from happening by installing a whole building surge protection system. The point of having a surge protector is that is absorbs the spike of electricity before it start flowing to the outlets and the devices plugged into them. Having a surge protection system installed across the entire building will give you the peace of mind that your equipment will be protected no matter where it is plugged in.

2. Install Battery Backup Systems

Another problem that plagues businesses that operate on computers is an unexpected power surge. If you have employees that have not saved in a while, you could end up with several hours of lost work that the employee needs to do all over again.

The solution to this problem is to install a battery backup on key components so that employees can save work and shut down their computers safely. Battery backup systems are not designed to necessarily let all of your employees work for the rest of the day, but give enough time to react to a power outage so that they can take care of business. If an employee has the time to save work to a flash drive and continue working on a laptop, you will have minimal downtime during a power outage.

3. Install Cubicle Electrical Outlets

Will you have cubicles installed in your office? The installation will place electrical outlets throughout the cubicle so that you do not have a mess of extension cords running underneath them. A commercial electrician can run new wiring through the walls, install outlets in the correct spots, and ensure that it is all done to code.

Reach out to a commercial electrician for help with any electrical work at your business.