Hire An Electrician To Install USB Outlets So You Can Charge Your Devices Conveniently

23 January 2019
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If you spend a lot of time reading a tablet or phone, then you should think about having new USB outlets installed in your home. These allow you to charge up your devices by plugging them into the outlet directly rather than use an adapter. These outlets are more attractive than using bulky adapters, and you never have to worry about hunting down an adapter when you need to charge your device. Here's a look at how an electrician can upgrade your old outlets so you can plug in your tablets and phones.

Decide Where You Want The New Outlets

You'll probably just need a few new outlets depending on how much you use your devices and where you use them. If you read your tablet in bed every night, you might want a USB outlet in the bedroom so you can read your tablet while it's plugged in. Putting a few new outlets in the kitchen, family room, or living room could also be a good idea so you can establish a charging station where everyone leaves their phones and tablets at the end of the day.

Hire An Electrician To Switch The Outlets

Putting in a new outlet involves removing wiring from the old outlet and attaching wiring to the new outlet. This is a job that many people feel uncomfortable doing, and it's dangerous to try if you don't know how to do it right and aren't safe around electricity. For that reason, hiring an electrician is a good idea. Ask about the rates when you schedule the appointment because there might be a flat fee per outlet that's affordable and worth the expense.

Switch The Outlets 

A USB outlet fits in the space where an old outlet is now. First, the electricity is shut off to the outlet, and then the faceplate is removed. Once the plate is out of the way, the outlet can be unscrewed and the wires removed from it. Next, the electrician attaches the electrical wires to the new outlet taking care to attach them in the right position. Then, the new outlet is pushed into place and secured with screws. The new faceplate is attached that has outlets for both electrical and USB plugs, or you can have an outlet installed that just has a row of holes for USB plugs. Finally, the power is restored, and the outlet is checked to make sure it has power.

If you live in a new house, your home may already be outfitted with USB outlets, but if your home is very old, then you'll need an electrician to add them to bring your outlets up to modern standards. These outlets eliminate adapter crowding on power bars and make it easier to keep multiple devices organized and charged.

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